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Based in Bristol, I'm a passionate individual with a zest for life. Running isn't just a hobby but a source of creative inspiration and mental rejuvenation for me. Embracing yoga, indulging in leisurely walks with my beloved dog Buffy, and exploring new destinations through travel are among my greatest joys. Having spent 6 transformative years abroad, it was in Cambodia that I found Buffy.

A passionate believer in lifelong learning, I am continuously seeking new knowledge and experiences. Professionally, I've thrived in dynamic, client-centric environments, honing exceptional communication skills while managing complaints with finesse. My tenure in hotel management has honed my abilities in multitasking, organisation, and delivering top-notch service. These experiences have culminated in a diverse skill set that I now bring to assist you, my future client. I find my greatest satisfaction in engaging with people and ensuring things get done.

Drawing from my background, I'm poised to offer unparalleled support in understanding and meeting your needs. Whether it's about enhancing your digital presence, managing administrative tasks, or fostering strong client relations, my expertise is geared towards ensuring your success. Expect seamless communication, meticulous organisation, and a steadfast commitment to accomplishing your objectives when you partner with me.

Nitika Cole and Buffy

Why Choose Me?

Your success is my success!

20 plus years of experience in challenging, fast-paced environments, testing my skills and building resilience

My commitment to providing the ‘Best Quality Work’ is more than a promise; it’s a standard I consistently strive to exceed. I bring a wealth of expertise to every project. My rigorous work ethic, attention to detail, and continuous pursuit of excellence ensure that each task, from the smallest detail to the most complex project, is handled meticulously. Partner with us for a standard of work that reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence.

My approach is built on a foundation of personalised care and unwavering support tailored to your specific requirements. I invest time to truly understand your business, challenges, and objectives, enabling us to provide bespoke solutions and steadfast guidance every step of the way. 

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From administrative tasks to boosting your marketing endeavors, I’m your dedicated VA ready to assist. Reach out today to get started. Let’s create something remarkable together!

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